Stop These Common Habits to Increase Your Chance of Career Success

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


While we’re all striving to succeed in our careers and climbing the ladder in our respective industries, there are some common behaviours—some of which we may not even realise we’re doing—that could be detrimental to our success. The good news? They can all be reversed in an instant. A recent Huffington Post Australia article touches on the subject and lists a bunch of common habits that should be avoided and why. Read on to find out if there are any bad practises you need to eliminate from your life so you can take that next career step you’ve been dreaming of.


As they say, there’s no time like the present. Putting off tasks, responsibilities, or chasing your dreams isn’t the secret to success. Make it happen—now.


Successful people praise, commend, and collaborate with each other. As the brilliant Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." Hear, hear.


You have no one else to blame for your success but yourself. Once you take responsibility for your own life, and your own career, accomplishments will follow.

Wasting time

Be efficient, present, and smart with your time. As we know, time is precious and time is money.


Quitting doesn’t accomplish anything but disappointment. If you’ve found your calling, stick at it because it’ll be worth the wait.

Find out what other common habits could be stopping your chances of success at work at Huffington Post Australia and shop our favourite career books for more inspiration.

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