5 Common Habits You Should Stop to Increase Your Happiness

Lauren Powell


We all know we need to adopt good habits to create a happier, healthier, and more productive life, but what about the habits we should ditch from our lives? These, unsurprisingly, are just as important to think about when you’re aiming to live you’re your best life possible. Business Insider Australia has studied a Quora survey and highlighted the top bad habits that we all should shed from our daily routine. Read on to discover the bad habits you could be guilty of and increase your happiness by stopping them. STAT.   

1. Comparing yourself to others

A study revealed that people commonly underestimate the number of negative emotions others experience and overestimate the number of positive emotions other people experience, which leads to an inaccurate perspective of others resulting in feelings of inadequacy.

2. Trying to change other people

While you may believe that your life could improve if other people’s behaviours changed, this is an unfair and unrealistic goal. So it's better to invest time into the things you can control, like implementing great habits into your own life.

3. Regretting the past

Could have, should have, would have—hindsight is a wonderful thing, but the reality is that the past cannot be changed so rather learn, reflect, and focus on the present or future as it’s your only option.

4. Expecting things from other people

With expectations come disappointment, so it’s best not to expect anything from others to avoid the latter. Plus, we’d much prefer to be surprised than disappointed, right?  

5. Holding onto grudges

Psychologist Seth Meyers told Health.com that holding onto grudges can increase your stress levels and your risk for health problems such as high blood pressure. It’s time to take the higher ground, rid yourself of that bad energy, and focus on yourself and the people closest to you.

Head to Business Insider Australia to find out the other common habits that could be hindering your happiness and shop kikki.K’s Habits Journal ($35) to ensure you maintain your good habits and curb your bad habits for the long haul.

What bad habits do you need to rid from your life?

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