Spoiler: Commitment in a Relationship Boils Down to These 7 Signs

by Zoe Brown

Relationships can be fulfilling, but they can also be hard. Everyone looks for something different in a significant other and finding the right match can require work on both sides. The bubble of the first few weeks of dating someone new can be exciting, but it may lead to bigger questions about commitment. Kelly Campbell, professor of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino, spoke with MyDomaine about identifying the signs of real commitment in a relationship. 

Before you can determine the seriousness of your relationship, Campbell explains it is imperative to be able to have conversations about tough subjects with your partner. “You should have a clear idea of what being ‘committed’ means to you and learn about your partner’s definition,” she told us. “Although the meaning of commitment may seem obvious, it’s important to gain clarity. For example, one person might believe in open relationships, and for them, commitment means honesty about sexual partners but not necessarily sexual exclusivity. If the other person is not on board with that definition, they might end the relationship at that point.”

As a self-proclaimed firm advocate in clear communication, Campbell also mentions that one of the most taboo topics she has observed is the relationship itself: “It is understandable that people don’t like to have that type of discussion. However, being a mature adult means you are comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics and can do so in a clear, direct, open manner. If you aren’t there yet, it might be time to work on that skill!” she emphasised.

Once you’ve gotten communication down, Campbell suggests that these more tangible signs that will unequivocally indicate that you are indeed in a committed relationship.

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