8 Living Rooms That Will Make You Want to Experiment With Colour

Hadley Mendelsohn

Just like an all-black wardrobe is timeless, versatile, and irresistibly chic, neutral interiors can make a style statement while also remaining, well, neutral. If that's your style, you should definitely stick to it, but all too often we tend to shy away from colour and opt for neutrals because it feels safer. There's no denying that it's intimidating to paint a bright accent wall or opt for that colourful sofa when designing a living room from start to finish. Sure, hot pink is my favourite colour right now, but what if it changes? What if I find an accent piece that clashes with the current colour scheme?

We've been there. But there's definitely a right way to use colour in the living room that doesn't feel like a scary commitment nor look like a Lisa Frank calendar barfed all over the place (don't get us wrong, we love those nostalgic rainbow kittens and cartoon illustrations, just not as the inspiration for our living).

So if you're ready to start decorating with more colour at home but could use a little inspiration and some pointers, take a look at the eight beautifully colourful living rooms below. They Will have you embracing that colour wheel in no time. 

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