10 Cocktails With Pineapple Juice That Prove How Versatile This Fruit Can Be

Kelly Dawson

Pineapple has a tough reputation. Its hard exterior might lead some to conclude it's a fruit best left to the hands of experienced chefs, but don't judge a pineapple by its cover. Choosing a pineapple and chopping it into chunks is much easier than it seems, and this fruit has the type of versatility to make it a welcome part of any meal of the day. Pineapple may be the most underrated fruit at your grocery store, and that needs to change. See what we mean when you add pineapple juice to a list of crowd-pleasing cocktails.

We found 11 drink recipes—10 cocktails, and one mocktail—that use pineapple juice as their star ingredient. From complex margaritas and colourful champagnes to a fruity sangria and an inventive punch, these delicious options prove that often-overlooked pineapples deserve a second look. 

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