Coachella Bans Selfie Sticks, Drones, and Stuffed Animals, Kills All the Fun

With Coachella, Southern California's premiere music festival to see and be seen, a mere week and change away, organisers are getting serious and sending out their list of approved and non-approved items to bring into the grounds. Not making the cut? Selfie sticks, drones, stuffed animals, totems, chains, or markers. Why these authority figures feel bringing a long, sharp pole into clustered crowds of thousands is a bad idea, we do not know. How on earth are we supposed to let our Instagram and Twitter followers and Facebook friends know how much fun we're having and how jealous they should be without the help of our trusty selfie sticks? And no drones? So we guess aerial video of the amazing shows we will be seeing is completely off the table? While we recover from this shocking let down, we'll concentrate on the items we can bring into the show like parasols, smiles, dancing shoes, and sunblock. No really, smiles and dancing shoes are on the approved list.

Check out the full list of approved and banned items here and then tell us: Are you also devastated that you can't bring your selfie stick to Coachella?

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