Before and After: An Astoundingly Chic Carport Makeover

Julia Millay Walsh

The project we’re about to show you is what gets us excited about the Internet—and our jobs as editors. Day in and day out, people do incredible outside-the-box things, and we get to discover, be inspired by, and share them. Today we’re bringing you a sophisticated home makeover by our food contributor, chef and author Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen. Claire’s project wasn’t your average outdoor patio, balcony, or poolside space, but instead her carport. “My husband and I love hosting outdoor events like barbecues, but our yard didn't have the space to accommodate a large dining table or lounge area,” she says. “The first few times we visited the house, I noticed that the carport runs the length of the home, at least 50 feet, which is pretty silly when you only have two midsize cars. We had all of this extra space, so I thought, why not put it to use?”

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