A New App Has Made On-The-Go Networking So Much Easier

Nicole Singh

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In a world where who you know sometimes matters as much as what you know, making yourself easy to reach, easy to find, and forever memorable is more important than ever. And in a time where digital communication is growing at what seems like a hyper-speed pace, LinkedIn has quickly replaced the need for any form of a business card. But as helpful as LinkedIn can be—you can see a persons career trajectory in one click—a new app, Cinq, goes further by making it easy to create a contact lists, share them and organise your address book all in one place. 

Once you add your contact’s details including name, number and where they work, you’ll never waste time again trying to remember "that person you met" a while back. While it's new on the market, it's already gotten rave reviews, with one user saying: "The new innovative way to exchange contacts while saving a whole lot of time and energy. Perfect for people networking and constantly on the move." We're sold. 

To make your life easier, download the Cinq app via the Apple store

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