15 Recipes to Pin Now to Plan Your Perfect Christmas Eve Dinner

The holidays are a time of annual traditions. There's often tree decorating, present wrapping, cookie baking, eggnog drinking, and, of course, sitting down to an impressive Christmas Eve dinner surrounded by family and loved ones. While sharing a meal is a simple-enough activity, the planning and preparations leading up to it aren't always so effortless. In fact, it can be a real challenge. Before anyone can sit down to enjoy homemade food, someone has to decide on a menu and get cooking.

If you're unsure what to prepare for Christmas Eve dinner this year, fret not. Ahead we've rounded up some truly scrumptious options for appetisers, side dishes, and main courses alike. All you have to do is mix and match the recipes that look the most appetizing to you, and you've got yourself a beautiful three-course meal perfect for the holidays.

Inspired by flavours and ingredients of the season, whip up a baked brie appetiser that's sure to impress, a batch of tangy maple-dijon-glazed carrots on the side, and a rich chimichurri steak for the main course. If you're looking for a healthier vegan-friendly meal, try your hand at a classic creamy hummus to start followed by a garlic cauliflower pasta and a side of sun-dried tomato skillet rolls. No matter which combination of these 15 Christmas Eve dinner ideas you choose, you and your guests will enjoy sitting around the table, making new holiday memories together.

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