Chloe Brinklow on Her Journey From Australia's Central Coast to NYC For Offline

Amanda Bardas

In episode seven of Offline, The Podcast, host Alison Rice sits down with digital strategist and founder of Tomboy Beauty Chloe Brinklow in her NYC bedroom. Together, they discuss how Chloe's sense of self intersects with her work as a creative, and offer some thinking on surviving strategy, mentoring, and understanding our left and right side of our brains.

A former magazine journalist, Chloe's career began over a decade ago when she moved to Sydney from New South Wales' Central Coast. Today, she lives in New York City and works closely with some of the world's biggest beauty brands. 

"It's okay to be polarising. Not everyone is going to like you and what you do. Weed those people out, you don't need them."

Read my very honest and open chat with Alison Rice to find out more about Offline, The Podcast.

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