A Celebrity Chef Shares Her Secrets for the Perfect Dinner Party

Lauren Powell

London-based award-winning celebrity chef, cookbook author, and host of Restaurant Redemption, Ching-He Huang, sure knows a thing or two about entertaining. The Taiwanese-born chef, known for her laid-back approach to Chinese cooking, revealed to Huffington Post Australia the dos and don’ts of playing dinner party host just in time for the festive season. Take note, and channel your inner Martha this party season.

The tableware
“Choose white plates and you can let the food be the star. I love colourful food—so white plates are important as it allows you to show it off. I love to accompany this with quite an East-meets-West tableware setting—where there are two wine glasses, a water glass, knives and forks but also a pair of dark wood chopsticks on golden chopstick holders, depending on your cuisine.”

“They make for gorgeous soft lighting and, without going overboard, candles with red or gold trims can complement whichever dominant colour theme you have for the tableware.”

Drink on arrival
“Choose something sparkling like Prosecco with pomegranate seeds—or for those who want a long drink, a lychee and raspberry mojito.”

To read more tips from Ching-He Huang, head to Huffington Post Australia.

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