The Best Art To Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Goat

Dana Covit

The Chinese New Year came last week, and with it, the beginning of a new lunar cycle: This one signified by the Goat (or in some cases, the Sheep or Ram). Unlike the Sun Signs of the Zodiac (you know, Leo, Virgo, Aries, and so on), the Chinese Astrological Signs are based on the year of your birth, the signs going through 12-year cycles. If you were born in a Goat year (1979 or 1991, for example), 2015 is forecasted to hold particular importance; but for everyone, a Goat year is thought to be Yin — softer, less forceful than others. Additionally, these years are less about success or money, and more about human needs and building from a place of necessity, rather than want. Channel the lunar energy with these sweet goat-centric art pieces now.

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