These 15 Chicken Soup Crockpot Recipes Are Perfect for a Busy Day

by Zoe Brown

Chelsea's Messy Apron

The most satisfying antidote to the frigid weather is a warm meal and a cup of hot cocoa. When a cold starts to invade your head, you become best friends with soup, which sometimes is the only thing that can give you the strength to get out of bed. But even when you aren’t sick, everyone loves chicken soup.

As the cold weather rolls in, we are arming ourselves with the best recipes for that classic winter meal. But we don’t anticipate having enough time or energy to spend with the pot on the stove, painstakingly prepping ingredients and ensuring that nothing burns all the while. Instead, we wanted to find easy fix-and-forget meals that are perfect for the crockpot.

We scoured our favourite food blogs for just that, and we found a treasure trove of ideas. On our list, we have recipes that range in levels of creaminess and spice, and many can be easily adapted to vegetarian diets. If you do choose to remove the meat, compensate with extra of the rest of the ingredients or feel free to add vegetables like carrots and celery. Keep your strength or get well soon with these chicken soup recipes.

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