This Chef's Fancy Instagrams Are Not What They Appear to Be

Dana Covit

Look all too swiftly and you might mistake the Instagram account of Chef Jacques la Merde as one belonging to a professional chef dutifully chronicling his gorgeously arranged Nordic-minded platings of microgreens and quail eggs. A drizzle of balsamic reduction here, a sprinkle of... well, what is that over there, exactly? Look closer and the true nature of these square frames reveals themselves: Yes, those are Dunkarooscorn dogsKinder eggsgummy dinosaurs, and Lunchables’ meat rounds you see. We have Munchies to thank for the tip-off, and the genius of Monsieur la Merde to thank for a swift follow and many laughs. Scroll to see some of the chef's best creations now, then head to Munchies to read an interview with the mastermind himself.

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