How to Build the Instagram-Worthy Cheese Platter of Your Dreams

Sophie Miura

If there's one dish that always elicits comments and Instagram photos, it's the cheese platter. As anyone who's tried to build one can attest, there's much more to a well-styled spread than simply choosing some quality cheese and leaving it out on a plate. The most mouthwatering platters are always decadently created, with layers of cured meats folded over just so, nuts scattered throughout, grapes draped on the edge, and a drizzle of cheese over a gooey wheel. 

If MyDomaine Australia's Instagram feed is any indication, you're as cheese-obsessed as we are. So, for no other reason than pure gratification we've rounded up four of the most drop dead decadent dishes we've ever seen and pinpointed how to replicate them at your next event. Trust us: These cheese platters are guaranteed to elicit compliments (and likes). 

Trying to be healthy? These 3 kinds of cheese are dietician-approved.

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