This Pro Finds Travel Deals for a Living—Here's Where She's Going Next

Kelsey Clark

Today, travelling the world is a mainstay on millennials' bucket lists, as experiences continue to supersede possessions on the list of things worth paying for. But when it comes to travelling on a budget, which destinations will give you the most bang for your buck?

Such was the question on Forbes's mind when reaching out to 14 different travel experts, all of whom regularly track the best travel bargains out there. Writes Forbes, "2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for budget travel. The dollar is enjoying historic highs—meaning your money goes much further in many destinations around the globe." According to the pros, here's where to visit in 2017 if you're looking to keep costs low:

#1: Mazatlán, Mexico: Selected by Holly Johnson, founder of travel savings website Club Thrifty, Mazatlán, Mexico, is perfect for the "frugal traveller who wants to enjoy more culture than they might in the Riviera Maya." With a current exchange rate of $1 to every 14 Mexican pesos, Mazatlán is one of the most affordable destinations out there. She recommends staying at El Cid Marina and dining at Casa 46. Our advice? Add the destination to your next U.S. tour.

#2: South Africa: This is pick of Michaela Guzy, who founded Oh the People You Meet. In his words, the South African exchange rate "is in our favour, but so is the fact that it's a developed tourist destination with a solid infrastructure." The cost of hotels, Airbnbs, transportation, and food is all significantly lower than in other similar destinations—prices that can be further slashed if booked during the off-season.

#3: San Juan, Puerto Rico: This one is the favourite of Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, founder of Jet Set Sarah. She regards San Juan as a "seriously underrated, easy, and affordable getaway," especially during the Caribbean off-season (end of April through October). Hotel Casa Blanca and Villa Herencia are two of her favourite high-style, low-budget boutique hotels in the area.

Frequent flyers: Which low-budget travel destinations would you add to this list? Share your picks below!

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