Step Inside Chanel's Gorgeous New Airport

Sacha Strebe

Who doesn't love to travel? While we love the destination, getting their can be traumatic, especially when you have long lines at check-in, airport security, and delayed flights. But what if you could fly Chanel Airlines? Well that might not be farther from reality. The luxury fashion house is notorious for creating insane locations for their fashion shows but this one really blew us away. Head designer Karl Lagerfeld and the Chanel team transformed their runway into a completely customised airport to showcase the Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Complete with Chanel Airlines branding, memorabilia, bag trolleys, check-in counter, a departures and arrivals board, airport lounge and gate signs. Lagerfeld said the idea for a Chanel airport came about from his personal experience with flying. He told told Dazed Magazine co-founder Jefferson Hack: "I don't star in movies, I am not a famous singer. I have no scandal and yet I cannot go out in public because they all want to take my picture, so it's almost impossible for me to travel through airports." Scroll down to see the swanky Chanel Airport in action.

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