Champagne Just Got a Little Fancier

Katie Sweeney

For years the Champagne region of France has been a controlled designation of origin, or appellation d’origine contrôlée. This means that only wine produced in this specific area can be called Champagne and the winemakers have to follow a strict set of guidelines in terms of labelling and production. Yesterday, Champagne was awarded another cultural win as it was given World Heritage status by the United Nations. The World Heritage list includes wonders of the world, such as Peru’s Macchu Picchu, China’s Great Wall, and now France’s bubbly-making region. World Heritage status ensures that Champagne will receive special protection in the future as well as financial aid and, of course, plenty of tourists. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation, which announced 11 new sites to the World Heritage status list, said that France’s Champagne industry is "a very specialised artisan activity that has become an agro-industrial enterprise." If you needed a reason to pop that bottle of sparkling wine today, now you've got it. Cheers!

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