Inside the Kitchens of 13 Top Chefs

Julia Millay Walsh

Scoring the chef's table (and getting a semi-exclusive peek into the inner workings of the kitchen) at one of the hottest restaurants in town—or, let's face it, any restaurant—feels like winning the lottery. So any chance to see a top chef outside of a commercial kitchen and in his or her very own culinary domain is a foodie's dream come true. What cookbooks does Ina Garten swear by? How many pots and pans does Daniel Boulud use? And what's Emeril's favourite olive oil? There are so many questions to ask, and we want answers.

To that end, we've taken a journey into the private homes of 13 top chefs. Read on to get a glimpse of the products they keep at their personal workspaces.

 Whose kitchen would you most like to call your own? Tell us below.

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