CB2 Invites You to Design an NYC Loft

Peter Dolkas
CB2, Crate & Barrel's young and hip sibling, is introducing the first-ever apartment designed live on Pinterest. Five rooms in one Manhattan loft will undergo five days of design with five guest pinners, Athena Calderone, interior designer and founder of Eye-Swoon, being one of them. She is tasked with designing the bedroom, and whichever items she has pinned gets the most likes will go into the room. The dining room has already been completed by Ross Cassidy and his followers, and Friday is Calderone's day. In anticipation of all the excitement, we sat down with Calderone to get some answers . . . a4 What inspired your design for the bedroom? I was immediately inspired to create a grey-blue palette after seeing an indigo shibori throw. I love the random tones & patterns gradating and bleeding into one another. They sparked the idea of creating a moody palette, reminiscent of a stormy sky at dusk and a churning ocean. How did you go about curating what you pinned? I began with images of bedrooms that appealed to me in the grey and indigo palette, also pinning rooms that felt clean and minimalist, almost Scandinavian in vibe. I then pulled products from CB2 that expressed my vision, making sure that all of the various options would work together. Was the location of the apartment a factor in the design? For me, the idea of a classic loft played a significant role in the design. I knew I could be creative; this is a space that can hold bold design choices, like the dramatic hue I chose for behind the bed. a6 How do you expect followers to react to what you've pinned? In choosing the various furnishings, I was able to give them a variety of choices that express my vision while also handing over creative control to the pinners. It's not so dissimilar to presenting a design to a client, with a variety of choices. They ultimately make the final decision after I have done a bit of the legwork in editing the best choices. What is your favourite item pinned that you hope makes it into the room? I really love these clusters of pendant rope lighting. My hope is for a classic table lamp on one side of the bed with a cluster of the more untilitarial rope material pendant lamps hanging on the opposite side. Do you feel like you know how the room will look in the end? Or does it feel up in the air? I suppose it is somewhere in between.  I chose my furniture and accessories with the understanding that together, they should all tell a cohesive story no matter what is chosen. But you really never know what people will respond to. It's both scary and exciting at once -- it really puts the pinners in control, which is the thrill of this design. a7Head to CB2 to play your part in designing Calderone's loft space.

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