How to Make Cashew Milk

Julia Millay Walsh

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Have you joined the cashew milk bandwagon yet? If not, we suggest you drop everything and try it. If you're looking for a lactose-free, vegan alternative to dairy milk, it's a great option for you, but it's also just plain delicious—creamy, rich, and nutty (and a little subtler than almond milk)—so anyone can enjoy it.

The benefits of cashew milk—a creamy liquid made by blending cashews and water—are aplenty. In addition to being lactose-free and vegan, it's also cholesterol- and saturated-fat free. It's high in vitamin K, which helps build strong bones and makes blood clot, and vitamin E, which is good for your skin and helps protect against sun damage. It's also high in magnesium, which produces energy, regulates high blood pressure, treats migraines, and more. Unlike cow's milk, cashew milk has no naturally occurring sugar.

Convinced yet? Did we mention it's also incredibly easy to make at home? Watch our exclusive video above to learn how to make your own cashew milk and read the instructions below.


1 cup cashews


Optional: Maple syrup, sea salt, vanilla extract, cinnamon








Soak 1 cup cashews for 4+ hours. Drain. Rinse until water runs clear. Add nuts and 2 cups water to blender. Pulse until pureed. Season with maple syrup, sea salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon to taste. Lay cheesecloth over strainer on bowl. Pour milk over bowl. Strain into a pitcher.

Are you a cashew milk fan? How do you like to use it? Tell us below.

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