7 Candles That Smell Like Fresh Linen

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Badlands Studio

Scented candles can instantly control the mood of a room and there's plenty of experimental fragrances out there—think fancy cocktails, hip suburbs, and even freshly washed linens. Yes, that's correct, you can buy candles that smell like happiness. You know that feeling when it's cold outside and you take off your slippers, then slide into bed between the crisp, still warm from the dryer, clean-smelling sheets? Well imagine filling your entire home with that feeling. The whole cleaning, drying, and if you're really organised, ironing of your sheets can be a drag, but the end result is always worth it for the olfactory results. So we've rounded up seven candles that smell like fresh linen to help your days and nights be filled with the scent of fresh laundry without you actually having to do any more work than lighting a match.

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