Asking for a Friend: Can You Eat Bacon If You're Pregnant?

Nicole Singh

Falling pregnant can be such an exciting time for many soon-to-be mums. But while the nursery styling, and baby-name deciding are just some of the fun activities you partake in while your bump grows, one down-side is the list of foods you can't eat, and who could forget the wine? While soft cheeses, certain seafood, and raw eggs are just some of the well-known foods to stay away from, if you're anything like us, and bacon sits on your essential-weekend-brunch list, you may be asking, is it safe to eat? While you should always consult your physician first when it comes to prenatal health, according to BetterHealth Victoria, it is safe to eat pork, and therefore bacon (within reason), you just want to make sure it's cooked well to eliminate any potential bacteria. 

In fact, according to Women's Health Australia, in a recent study conducted by The FASEB Journal eating eggs and bacon during the last trimester of pregnancy can boost your baby's IQ because both pork and eggs are rich in choline, a nutrient that plays a lead role in shaping the part of the brain responsible for memory and recall. 

So, it looks like there's no need to give up your weekend go-to after all.

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