I Broke Up With Caffeine and Lived to Tell the Tale

Genevieve Fish

Those who know me well call me a coffee addict. And it’s true. In college my caffeine intake would hover between three and four cups a day. And it wouldn’t be odd for me to throw in a few green teas between classes. 

Out in the real world, my love for coffee stays strong, but I’m definitely more conscious about how much I consume. Making and drinking my first cup of joe is my favourite morning ritual. I love to wake up early and put the kettle on right away. After I grab the paper from outside (yes, I still have The New York Times delivered in print) and chug a big glass of water, I pour Peet’s ground Major Dickason’s blend into my French press. The rich smell of coffee grinds brings a smile to my face, and I enjoy a mini steam facial as I fill the press with hot water. Then, for the first 10 minutes of my day, I enjoy reading the news and sipping on my delicious, home-brewed treat. 

As an editor, and a generally health-conscious person, I find it important to monitor my energy levels. After recognising several of the symptoms that The Wall Street Journal classifies as symptomatic of caffeine intoxication, I decided to detox. Cold turkey. On Monday, July 6th I took the plunge. I hoped that by eliminating coffee, green tea, and Diet Coke from my diet, my symptoms of restlessness, flush face, nervousness, and muscle twitching would dissipate. What unfolded was a mostly torturous, although ultimately rewarding, five-day caffeine detox.

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