This Is the Art You Should Buy (Based on Your Personality)

Gabrielle Savoie

Tell me who you are, and I will tell you what art to buy. People often get nervous when buying art: "Will it match my décor? Will I like it over time? Is this an artist worth investing in?" We say: Throw all those questions out the window—it's time to focus on your personality instead. The wonderful thing about art is that you get to reflect a piece of your personality on your wall through a beautiful photograph or a vibrant print. No matter what your interests or character traits, there is an artist out there who perfectly represents who you are.

Are you a die-hard sartorialist? Do you love travelling, or do you live to escape to the beach? Today, we're playing curator by dissecting 11 personality types and making art recommendations based on your tastes and interests. From black-and-white photography to graphic prints and abstract painting, we have a little something for every taste and budget. Which art personality are you? Scroll through some artwork we've been loving lately and find out.

Blacklist Destination Print ($300)

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