Why Send Flowers When You Can Send This Instead?

Lauren Powell

Whether it be a birthday present, a thank you gift, or a “just because” token of affection, any time we plan to send a last minute gesture to a loved one, we automatically reach for our favourite florists number and send a beautiful bunch on their fragrant way.  

And while we love a flower arrangement as much as the next floral fan, we have found a longer-lasting living gift that will win you daughter, friend, or SO of the year. Introducing succulents you can send via post. The genius new company Say It With Succulents was born from a love of living gifts and offers a charming range of potted succulents suitable for all ages, genders, and occasions. And as if the succulent wasn’t enough, they come complete with a stone pot, wooden saucer, cardboard carrier, and a personalised gift card for every occasion (opt for a heart, ring, present, or cake design). “Flowers will always be a wonderful and thoughtful gesture, but it is so much nicer to receive a living gift,” founder Say It With Succulents, Hannah Burgess told Interiors Addict.

Never will you ever have to rack your brain again for the last minute gift that doesn’t look at all last minute. And if you want to send one to yourself, send away—we promise we won’t judge.

Shop a selection of our favourite succulents below and send someone you love one of the coolest gifts in town.

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