Double Butter-Roasted Chicken

by Claire Thomas

Roasted chicken with crispy potatoes are up there for me. Warm, crispy, buttery, glistening fingers (my hands have to get involved), it's all so wonderful and visceral. I'm very much in love with roasted chicken, but if I had to pick between butter-roasted chicken and potatoes roasted in butter and chicken fat… well, it's not exactly a hard choice.

Chicken juices are awesome, chicken fat is more awesome, butter is the most awesome… and potatoes roasted until borderline too crispy in all three, and then showered in salt and pepper? YES.

This is a fantastic, easy dinner for two that is just so comforting. Pair with a crisp salad (so you can look yourself in the mirror later) and serve with an oaked white wine. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself.

P.S. If you're really going for it, have some warm sourdough on the side to soak up the leftover juices/fat/butter in the pan. You're welcome.

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