How to Build a Successful Business, While Keeping Your Day Job

Genevieve Fish

Emily Weiss started Into the Gloss while during her last year at Vogue. She tells Fashionista that she would conduct interviews “at Karlie Kloss’s house or Sally Singer’s” on the weekends. “Often, she worked in the mornings before work, rising as early as 5a.m. to ensure she got three posts up per week.” Weiss says: “It wouldn’t have been possible without passion. Unless you are totally obsessed with that you’re doing, it’s hard to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning.” Like Weiss, a lot of successful entrepreneurs have started profitable businesses while keeping their office jobs. How do they find the time, energy, and mental capacity to handle both—and do them well? Read on to find out three tried and tested methods for launching a company while working a day job.

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