These Budgeting Apps Will Ensure You Have a Merry Christmas

Lauren Powell

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the extra costs that are part and parcel of our favourite holiday of the year. Think, presents to buy, new outfits for parties, entertaining costs and decorations (and the list goes on). By setting up a Christmas savings plans you'll ensure you’re financially prepped and can enjoy the holidays.

Rather than wasting time in attempting to create your own complex excel spreadsheet, why not allow a clever app do the work for you? To save time searching the App Store aimlessly, we’ve curated the best budgeting apps so you can head into the festive season with plenty of cheer. Scroll down to choose an app best suited to your savings needs.


This home-grown app is a personal assistant for your money. Pocketbook makes personal finance and budget planning extremely simple as it allows you to synchronise your household's bank accounts, credit cards and loans instantly while leaving behind the monotonous task on manual entry.

Not only does it warn you about any fees charged to your account, but its "safely spend" feature lets you know how much flexible income you have after your bills are covered.

The latest app update includes balance charts so you can see where you're at in the wealth building journey.

Download Pocketbook for free on iTunes.


This easy-to-use app can help you oversee how you might be wasting your hard-earned cash. Developed for MoneySmart and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, it allows you to track actual spending against a set budget. TrackMySPEND gives you a clear picture of what you are spending your money on which, helps to make you more aware of what you’ve spent and to consider your purchasing decisions more carefully.

Download TrackMySPEND for free on iTunes.


Goodbudget is a digital envelope budgeting system, so it’s ideal for people who like to divide their money during pay periods, but without the actual envelope and wads of cash. Hello, 21st century! It also allows you to share a budget with a spouse, family member, or friend and sync across multiple devices—the perfect solution if you need someone to monitor your spending! Or, of course, if you have a joint account.

Download Goodbudget for free on iTunes.


If setting personal goals motivates you, then this app is for you. Unsplurge is a unique way of saving by tapping into the most emotive motivations to save. Pick a goal that you would love to save for, log savings, and monitor your progress in the app. Whether it’s a holiday to Paris, or that new season Ellery dress you’ve been eyeing off, this app will keep you on track. And your eye on the prize!

Download Unsplurge for free on iTunes.

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