I Travelled to 60 Countries in One Year—Here's Where I'd Recommend

by Sophie Miura

It's a scenario many have dreamed about, but never dare to turn into reality: Stacie Flinner and her husband, David, ended their lease, put their possessions in storage, and embarked on a bucket list adventure around the world. The duo saw more countries in just over a year than many see in their lifetime; They soaked up the sun in Greece, stalked cheetahs in South Africa, and marveled at ornate palaces in India. 

"I’m an interior decorator and love entertaining at home so I anticipated being homesick, but David and I were both surprised by how quickly we found our groove and really liked being on the road," Flinner tells us. When asked why they didn't consider multiple shorter trips, like most do, the true romantic emerges. "I am an old soul and there’s a romance to long voyages that I just couldn’t conjure during shorter trips. I love the great voyages of the last few centuries when ladies travelled with trunks and transportation was slower—by boat, by train—and it could take months to reach a destination."

Thankfully, the pair didn't have to spend months in transit—in just one year, they zig-zagged the globe, visiting no less than 60 countries. Now that the adventure has come to an end, we tapped Flinner to find out about her favourites. Of the jaw-dropping destinations they visited, which are the ones they're eager to return to? Here's what she told us. 

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