This Is the End of Bubble Wrap

Katie Sweeney

There is nothing more awesome than receiving an unexpected gift by mail. Even better if it comes encased in Bubble Wrap, the packaging material that, when squeezed, delightfully pops in your hand. It's a stress reliever, children's play toy, and true piece of Americana. So it's sad news today to learn that Sealed Air, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, is releasing a new version that doesn’t offer the satisfying pop. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new version, iBubble Wrap, will look the same as the original, but when it's pressed, air will pass through to other bubbles without making any sound. But die-hard Bubble Wrap fans need not worry; Sealed Air plans to continue to make both versions. And if the Facebook group Popping Bubble Wrap with over 500,000 likes is any indication, there seem to be many of us obsessed with this simple pastime.

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