This Is How a Young Couple Decorates a Brooklyn Heights Warehouse Apartment

Gabrielle Savoie

Just like anything else in New York City, moving is an incredibly complicated (and expensive) affair. So when you find a building you love, you stick to it like glue. Such was the case for a young couple—Naomi, her husband Zvi, and their dog, Dillon—who finally decided to move to a larger space after being in their apartment since 2011. That said, they didn't go very far. When a two-bedroom, two-bath loft space opened in their 1928 warehouse building in Brooklyn Heights, the couple jumped on the occasion.

Because Naomi and Zvi had such a short trek to move from one apartment to the next, it only made sense to repurpose many pieces from the old space into the new one. Still, they needed to fill the new apartment and ensure everything flowed together in the open space, so they called on the help of Emma Lesser, interior designer at Homepolish, to help them pull everything together. We chatted with the designer about the project—this is how she made it work.

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