The Unspoken Rules Every Bride and Bridesmaid Should Follow

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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The wedding responsibilities (especially financial ones) of bridesmaids and brides are constantly up for debate. Who buys the bridesmaid dress? Who pays for hair and makeup? And the list goes on—and on. In fact, a recent survey found 32 per cent of recently married women have fallen out with at least one of their bridesmaids. Thankfully, SMH Life & Style has compiled a universal set of rules for brides and their bridesmaids just in time for wedding season. Read on to find out the unspoken rules for every bride and bridesmaid and ensure that you remain BFFs, even after the wedding.

Dress and shoes

Generally, the bridesmaid will cover the costs of her own dress and shoes, unless the bride decides otherwise and would like to purchase them for her maids. When a bridesmaid agrees to being part of the bridal party, it’s expected that she will be adding a new dress to her collection.

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup is definitely up for discussion between the bride and her bridesmaid, but usually the bride will pay. They’ve paid for the dress, the shoes, the bridal shower, the hen’s party—the bride should treat her maids to a little pampering.

Hen’s night

The hen has to allow her maids to take full reign of the hen’s party or bridal shower—just sit back, relax, and allow your favourite people to throw you a party. Plus, they’re your best friends so it can be expected they’ll plan a celebration you’ll love!


Usually the jewellery is the bride's gift to her bridesmaid, which is a win for both parties. The bridesmaids have a beautiful new set of jewels and the bride ensures her maids look just as she envisaged on her big day.

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