3 Simple Breathing Exercises to Try When Anxiety Strikes

Kelly Dawson

We know it isn't pleasant, but try to remember the last time you felt anxious. How did your body respond? It may have felt as though your chest constricted as your mouth instantly dried, forming an uncomfortable lump in your throat and a tingle down your back. All the while, it seemed like you couldn't breathe. No one likes feeling this way, even if it's a small consolation to know that many of us have been there.

Perhaps it's more comforting to learn that there's something you can do the next time this happens—and it's absolutely free.

"Many times while experiencing anxiety, our brain is not receiving enough air, which tends to increase anxiety even further," Hillary Wright, the director of continuing education at Y7 Studio in New York City, says. "By learning to control our breath, we can simultaneously lessen our anxiety and calm our mind."

The simple yet effective trick of breathing exercises may seem like a no-brainer in these instances, but it can be hard to remember when you're in the midst of anxiety. That's why we asked Hillary to provide three easy routines to nail down now so that we can be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Read on to learn the steps.

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