"Healthy" Breakfast Foods a Nutritionist Never Eats

Sacha Strebe

We get it—the end of the year is nigh and you are busier than ever. When your plate is piled high with a jam-packed schedule, finding time to eat (and eat well) is often left off the e-cal. The solution? Preparing simple breakfasts that will keep you full through lunch, of course, but which ones? With so many new health movements and superfoods being announced daily, knowing which wellness trends are in (and what's out) can be a veritable minefield—who knew these "healthy" foods were bad for you?

So, to help us discern the good breakfasts from the bad, we asked holistic nutritionist, health coach, and founder of Frolic and Flow, Carly Brawner, to give us the lowdown. You might want to check your kitchen and cull these items from your pantry, stat. Ahead, Brawner shares her top five so-called "healthy" breakfast foods to avoid. It's time to put down that granola breakfast bar. 

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