Permission to Fawn Over These 15 Striking Brass Floor Lamps

Gabrielle Savoie

We often think of lighting as purely utilitarian. As long as we have the ability to turn on a light switch and see the ingredients we're chopping for our weeknight dinner or read a book in the evening without straining our eyes, it's easy to not give lighting in our home another thought. But great lamps aren't only aesthetically pleasing, they also create a layered ambiance that cannot be reproduced by overhead lighting.

And while table lamps are great, they can also take up precious surface space in your home. Sconces, meanwhile, can be tricky to install. Instead, consider the floor lamp, which has the added benefit of creating an added layer of height in your space, especially when the furniture is low. And if you choose them well, beautiful sculptural floor lamps can double as artwork. To prove our point, we compiled a list of 15 strikingly beautiful brass floor lamps you'll definitely want to add to your décor

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