These 13 Eye-Opening Books About History Will Give You a New Perspective

by Zoe Brown

In school, having a favourite class usually dependent on the teacher. History is a particularly divisive subject, but there have always been dedicated instructors who care about the topics and their students enough to make it exciting. As adults, we must make the decision to learn more about the past, and luckily there are plenty of lifelong students of history that want to make it easy.

When we sat down to compile great books about history, we thought to include tales that you may not know already. Everyone knows something of the destruction of World War II, but are you familiar with the Desert War in North Africa? The antebellum South gets a lot of attention because of the atrocity of slavery, but little is known about the communities of African Americans in the north at the same time.

Every book below tells its own story in its own unique way, using microhistories, memoirs, and even political cartoons to support their claims. Certain genres of history earn all the attention because of their significance to today’s society, but profiles on small states or forgotten nations can be just as rewarding. Peruse some of our recommendations below.

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