Raid Your Grandparent's Kitchen: This Forgotten Trend Is Blowing Up on Pinterest

Nicole Singh

You could argue, that the customary practice of getting fine china on your wedding day and displaying it for all to see on a large cabinet for years to come hasn’t followed Generation Y into our tiny apartments. But though you may have thought the classic white-and-blue china your grandparents own wouldn’t see the light of day again (guilty!) it seems that it’s going to be a key-trending element for 2018.

According to Pinterest, searches for this once classic staple (also known as chinoiserie) have risen by 364 percent this year, and after seeing some impeccable styling, we can see why it's having a surge in popularity again.

It could be time to pay a visit to the grandparents', and raid their china sets while you're there. Keep scrolling for modern styling inspiration and shop the look below.

Spode Blue Italian Dinner Plate ($64)

Add this plate as a statement to more neutral table accouterment. 

Spode Blue Italian Round Bowl ($229)

Pair this bowl with brass cutlery. 

1st Dibs Chinese Porcellain Vase ($2175)

Add the trend to your living space as well. 

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