This Is Your Most Attractive Trait, According to Your Birth Order

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While birth order alone cannot serve as a crystal ball for your love life, being the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child can certainly shape your personality in more ways than one. "Early experiences do lay down the foundation for how we act throughout our lives and romantic lives," says Linda Blair, a psychologist and the author of Birth Order: What Your Position in the Family Really Tells You About Your Character. More specifically, the order in which you were born can influence the way you give and receive love throughout your life. According to Blair, here's how your birth order shapes your love life as an adult: 

Oldest child: As the hardworking over-achievers of the bunch, first-borns are "organised and responsible, nurturing, and good at caring for others," Blair told the Huffington Post. "In a relationship, you can depend on first borns to push themselves hard and to be self-critical." 

Middle child: As natural-born peacemakers and champions of compromise, middle children have "a leg up" on other birth order types. But, "sometimes middle children can be easily swayed by the opinions of others," she says. "They're realistic about their own abilities, but may not be so certain about what they want out of life."

Youngest child: As attention-seekers, risk-takers, and charmers, youngest children are "playful, spontaneous, and easy to be around" in relationships, explains Michael Grose, a parenting expert. While usually successful interpersonally, they can also "expect others to make decisions for them and can be a little too flighty for some partners."

Only child: With the spotlight always on them growing up, only children are typically conventional, responsible, and dependable. But, because of this constant attention, they can "sometimes be needy and demanding in love," Grose says. Since they're used to an adult world, a youngest-born child may be an only child's worst nightmare.

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