This Little-Known Wellness Retreat Will Help You Disconnect

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Billabong Retreat

Whether your allergies are flaring up due to Sydney’s constant weather changes, or you just need a break, a weekend getaway may be just what the doctor ordered. Sporteluxe has taken us inside this little-known wellness retreat, Billabong, located in Maraylya NSW. Aptly named, the retreat looks over a billabong and is nestled in the treetops adding to its exclusivity, and the best part? There's no WiFi, so you can truly disconnect. Learn some new techniques on mindfulness and meditation, or maybe take up yoga while eating locally sourced vegetarian food the chef has prepared for you (most likely while you're reclined on your treehouse-style balcony). We’re feeling relaxed already.

Founders of Billabong, Paul and Tory Von Bergen explained to Sporte Luxe, “A place to find peace of mind, contentment and discover inner wellness. It is somewhere to rediscover the magic of life and find meaning, connection and purpose. It is a place of heart and kindness.” Plans for the upcoming weekend? Cancel them, and book this instead.

Head to Sporteluxe to step inside the retreat and then shop these wellness essentials, below.

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