This Is What a $100 Million Home Looks Like

This post was originally written by Melissa Allison for Zillow.

Fossil-fuel baron Bill Koch’s homes tend to make the news: at his Palm Beach mansion, the billionaire finally broke bread in 2001 with his far richer and better known brothers, Charles and David, whom he’d sued and publicly called crooks. His summer compound on the Nantucket Sound is the reason Koch has fought construction of a wind farm nearby, and people acting on his behalf are accused in a lawsuit of holding a former employee captive at his replica of an Old West town near Paonia, Colo. (Koch denies the allegations.) Now, Koch has listed his 82.6-acre spread near Aspen for $100 million, making it one of the most expensive listings in the country. The price includes furnishings, but not art, artifacts, collectibles or personal items.

Keep scrolling to see the gargantuan space. 

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