Bibimbap: Your Gateway to Korean Cuisine

by Claire Thomas

Living in Los Angeles means I'm a fork's length away from amazing food at any given time, which means I've eaten a lot of Korean food. Korean food is amazing because it balances spice, texture, and exceedingly generous portions all at once. They also love popping an egg on top of anything (including soup!) which I 100-per cent support. Bibimbap is a fantastic gateway Korean dish if you haven't delved into this bulgogi-flavored world before. It's essentially rice cooked in a hot stone pot, filled with a bunch of garnishes, and usually topped with a raw egg and some chilli sauce. For my slightly health-ified version, I used brown rice and loaded up on the veggies and kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage). The trick here is to make sure your cast-iron pan (I used this instead of a stone pot) is super hot. Like, smoking. This is how you get the rice crispy on the outside and ensure that the egg is fully cooked as you're stirring the whole thing together. Enjoy!

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