Bianca Cheah Reveals Her #1 Piece of Business Advice

Lauren Powell

Bianca Cheah epitomises everything it means to a successful female entrepreneur. The health and wellbeing guru founded lifestyle website Sporteluxe back in 2012 and has since evolved it into a platform that is a go-to for hundreds of thousands of women around the world. The growing team of 10 have recently expanded into the U.S. and the digital entrepreneur is showing zero signs of slowing down.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this week, Cheah revealed to her own readers, her best advice for aspiring business owners. In her open piece where she talks candidly about her recent relocation to L.A. and expansion into the U.S. market, the former model gets honest about the reality of owning and growing your own company. “There will be lots of curves in the road, taking stabs in the dark, constant hustling, and taking on risk, but it’s all a part of the journey,” she says. “Nothing comes from sitting on your ass or on the fence.” Read on to find out what Cheah wants women who are planning on starting their own business to know.

1. Find a mentor.

2. Create a support group. A group of friends who can advise you on stuff that you scratch your head at. Stuff that they are skilled at and that you have no experience in.

3. Ask intelligent questions. The more you ask, the more you learn.

4. Network as much as possible and believe in your dream no matter how many setbacks you get. After all, no one can sell your idea or business better than you can.

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