Bianca Cheah Shares Her Secrets to Creating the Perfect Instagram Feed

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


With over 135K Instagram followers (and counting), Bianca Cheah sure knows a thing or two about creating a beautiful feed. The Sporteluxe founder has an Instagram feed brimming with beautiful and inspirational images that we could swoon over and scroll through for hours. The health and fitness guru has shared her secrets so you can attempt to create a photo grid that’s as enviable as hers (we wish!). Read on to learn her top tricks and post away.

1. Lighting is key

Get the lighting right! I always find shooting in the afternoon shade works best for any flat lay image. It’s not overly exposed from the sun, but light enough to make everything visible and in focus.

2. Consider the composition

Line up your photo! Working on the one third rule will see your image with great composition. If you’re shooting your breakfast, for example, turn your grid on then place your plate in the first two thirds of your image and leave the last one third with maybe your coffee cup or just a blank space.

3. Don’t be afraid to edit

Edit the image in the Instagram settings tab. I tend not to use the pre-set filters but prefer to play with the editing tools—usually contrast, highlights, brightness, temperature and sharpness.

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