These Are the Fields That Provide the Best Work-From-Home Jobs

Sabrina Paparella

The surge of technology that has allowed us to connect with others around the world means a lot more than an easier way to talk to loved ones—it's changing how we work. Telecommuting is becoming an increasingly popular option for those seeking new job opportunities. Working from home means being able to broaden your career goals without the restriction of your city limits. While working remote is booming across all fields, there are a select few that hold particular promise. Keep reading for five of the best work-from-home jobs and the resources you need to get there.

Customer Service

One of the most popular work-from-home industries is customer service. Great for outgoing, patient employees who excel at conflict resolution, becoming a customer service representative can offer at-home flexibility and spans nearly every industry out there. Start by choosing a field you're interested in, whether it's retail, hospitality, technology—the options are endless. Along with standard customer service work, you'll find administrative jobs like receptionist work and assistant positions in a range of fields.


Like customer service jobs, venturing into sales encompasses a broad range of industries, making it flexible to adapt to your own experience, although a background in communications is a plus. Start by exploring companies like Salesforce to get a feel for the types of sales jobs that are available for telecommuters. You'll find that sales posts often overlap with customer service, which can include taking questions from both buyers and sellers. Sales jobs are a great fit for those with excellent problem solving and interpersonal communication skills.


Although more of a niche industry, the health field offers a bevy of remote opportunities. Particularly with the rise of telemedicine services, jobs from registered nurses to speech therapists are being hired from home. Many positions involve medical consultation work that touch upon all areas of the industry, including physical therapy, pharmacy work, and more. As the health industry continues to expand its remote services, telecommuting work in health is experiencing a boom of new opportunities.


Like the health industry, technology is a broad field that is rapidly becoming one of the mainstays in telecommuting opportunities. Coding, along with web and software development take the charge here, but graphic design and customer support jobs are also in demand. Browse companies like Amazon to get a feel for the types of jobs available. These positions typically require established experience of about one to two years. While full-time positions tend to be more plentiful, part-time opportunities are available as well.


If you are a certified teacher, bilingual, or have an academic background in English or writing, you may find the best range of at-home jobs in Education. This includes full-time opportunities teaching a variety of subjects for grades K–12. Jobs that fall within education also include academic counseling, school psychologist, and test proctor. Most K–12 jobs are full-time and will require a bachelor degree and six months of teaching experience. However, not every job under the umbrella of education requires a teaching degree. 

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