Psst: These New York City Wine Bars Were Made for Cosy Date Nights

Gabrielle Savoie

Any New Yorker knows that the paradox of choice is real. The more choices you have, the more anxiety you'll get—and the more FOMO you'll probably have. When it comes to wine bars, NYC isn't short on choice. Google alone tallies over 100 spots where you can get your fix of Sancerre or Barbera.

So what separates the best wine bars in New York City from the rest? A comprehensive wine list is a must—that is unless you serve a carefully curated selection of wines on tap. A focus on natural wines is preferred—unless the intimate date-night ambiance overcompensates for the sulfites you're about to ingest. Great food is a plus—especially if you're connected to a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Ready to tour the best wine bars in New York City? From casual East Village establishments to Cobble Hill gems, these are hands-down the best spots to grab a glass of red.

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