I Tried 5 Wellness Trends for a Week—Here Are the Ones That Are Worth It

Gabrielle Savoie

Confession: I'm not what you would call a wellness evangelist. I only tried meditating once (and didn't love it), I don't follow a ketogenic diet (or Whole30), I don't have an acupuncturist, I only work out sporadically, and my chakras are most definitely not aligned.

So when I found myself, on a sunny January morning in Arizona, listening to a panel on the benefits of intermittent fasting, I was surprised to realise I was already unknowingly following the increasingly popular dieting trend. I never made the conscious choice to eat within an eight-hour window. I simply don't get hungry in the morning and rarely eat before 1 or 2 p.m. Maybe, unconsciously, I had healthier habits than I thought.

What led me to this experiment in intermittent fasting was a wellness retreat at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa with wellness expert Nora Tobin. Fresh into 2018, I thought getting away from the freezing grind of New York City for the crisp desert air of Scottsdale for a few days of ultimate wellness felt like the perfect way to hit the reset button. Before my arrival, Tobin took the pulse of my healthy habits through a thorough lifestyle assessment questionnaire: "How many meals do you cook versus eat out?" If I'm being honest, 5%. "How often do you exercise?" Maybe once a month. "How do you manage stress?" Do I?

Over a four-day period, my life would become a blissful routine of sunrise yoga, turmeric shots, and ayurvedic massages. Better yet, healthy cocktails (non-sweet spicy margaritas) were not only permitted, they were encouraged. As the rising sun kissed my face in reverse warrior, the gentle desert breeze blew through the Arizona mountains, and I thought, This is what I should be doing with my mornings instead of stepping over giant rats in the streets of New York while speed-walking to work and getting yelled at by angry commuters. The rat race, as it turned out, carried its name well.

On my second day in Arizona, I sat down with Tobin to discuss my wellness goals. She reassured me that while there was always room for improvement, I was faring better than I thought in the wellness department: I walk to work—that's 40 minutes a day in total; I take my vitamins daily; I fast intermittently; I generally make healthy choices in restaurants; I don't really eat sweets. She gave me a customised manageable wellness plan that built on the health habits I already had and incorporated a few of the habits learned on the retreat. Four months in, here's my assessment of how my new wellness routine is going.

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