Raise Your Glass: This Is the Healthiest Way to Drink Alcohol

Hadley Mendelsohn

Since it isn't every day that we're greeted with cheerful headlines and happy news, we'll just go ahead and get straight to the good stuff: Tequila is healthy for your bones, as Robert H. Shmerling, MD, explains in the Harvard Medical School publication. To put it simply, the theory is that there are certain types of agave plants that support healthier bone development and reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Tequila also been shown to fight antibacterial infections, not to be confused with viruses, like the common cold and flu. It's been linked with lowering blood sugar in a few studies as well.

Of course, consistently drinking heavy amounts of tequila as the primary treatment for bacterial infections and bone health is not recommended. But these findings, along with other studies about high-quality tequilas, make a strong case for it. And better yet, the best tequila cocktails usually taste like a vacation. So if you want to make a cocktail at home, it's a great option.

From sunrises to sours and margaritas just in time for your summer soireés and alfresco festivities (though we'd raise our glasses to them any time of year), discover the best tequila recipes to sip on below. 


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