Locals' Guide to Brunch in Surry Hills

Lauren Powell

As one of our favourite meals of the day (and our staple outing on the weekends), there’s no better place to brunch than the pretty inner city Sydney neighbourhood of Surry Hills—known for its quaint cafes and exceptional coffee. To ensure you hit all the right spots to brunch when you’re next wandering the suburb’s charming streets, read on.

Devon Café



They say not to judge a book by its cover, but in this instance, go right ahead. Devon Cafe’s charming Devonshire Street façade and its effortlessly cool interior complements the quality, all-organic menu perfectly. Our brunch pick? The yogi bowl complete with mixed quinoa, yoghurt, grains, freeze-dried puffed amaranth, seeds and nuts, goji berries, chia, and fresh fruit. YUM!

Reuben Hills



This large, industrial-chic style café on Albion Street is a locals favourite—and it is arguably home to the best coffee in town thanks to its owners scouring both Central and South America to source their distinctive coffee beans. If you’re looking for the ultimate treat (and a hint of nostalgia), try the Iced VoVo shakes.

Four Ate Five



You can’t help but feel right at home in this cosy, welcoming café. Four Ate Five is a Surry Hills institution offering simply exceptional food, quality fresh juices, and an atmosphere that will make you want to settle in for the entire day.




Bill Granger’s collection of cafes have a global cult following—and Bills on Crown Street is no exception. If you haven’t experienced them already, opt for Bills legendary ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter in the venue’s elegant and paired-back setting. 

Single Origin Roasters



Single Origin Roasters is a coffee lover’s haven. “Single O” pride itself on offering exceptional coffee that’s sourced ethically and environmentally. Score yourself a wooden stool on the footpath on bustling Reservoir Street, admire the wall art, and order yourself a specialty brew—you won’t be disappointed.

Suzie Q Coffee and Records



Tucked away in a quiet nook on Hutchinson Street, Suzie Q Coffee & Records, as its name suggests, is known not only for its exceptional culinary offering, but its quality tunes. Post-brunch, browse and shop its curated selection of vinyl.

Paramount Coffee Project



This light-filled café is almost worth the visit for its beautiful interior alone—think high ceilings, polished concrete, and white glossy tiles. Add your favourite coffee (cold drip, double ristretto, or soy flat white—whatever you fancy) and an American-inspired menu and you’re in for a pretty great morning.

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Where is your favourite brunch location in Surry Hills? Tell us below!

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