10 Best States for First-Time Home Buyers

Dana Covit

Buying your first home is just about one of the biggest checkpoints on the way to becoming a real-deal adult. As all would-be-homeowners will know, right alongside confirming you're financially ready to take the plunge, researching mortgages, and familiarising yourself with the questions to ask sellers is, well, where that house ought to be. There's a lot of things to consider here, such as school systems, community, the local job market, and access to urban centres, but the cost of buying said house should also, naturally, figure prominently.

To see which states offer the best conditions for new homeowners, GOBankingRates ranked the top 10 states with the biggest growth of first-time home buyers that also maintained lower levels of foreclosure over a period of 10 years. Additional factors considered are median sale price and thus accessibility of the market, available state-based homeownership programs, and how mortgage payments relate to local rent prices. So, is your state—or dream state—on this list? You may be surprised! Read on.

?10. Arizona

9. Maine

8. Wyoming

7. Washington, D.C.

6. Hawaii

5. Massachusetts

4. Vermont

3. Rhode Island

2. New Hampshire

1. West Virginia

Is your state, or where you'd like to move, on this list? Tell us in the comments!



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